About Clara + the Foodlogger

Why hello there, Gorgeous!

I'm Clara. Pleasure to meet you :)

I created this app to fulfill the technical task requirement for applying to the TechLadies Bootcamp #2 (wish me luck!). For the curious, you can find out more about TechLadies and it's awesome initiative for women in tech here.

My idea for this app surfaced from a recent visit to the doctor. I have been living with Chronic Urticaria (commonly called Hives) for over a decade now, and recently went for a checkup to see if things have improved. The condition is basically an allergic reaction in the body (in my case, occurring daily) and the trigger is unknown. Don't worry! This is not contagious. Feel free to share hugs and high-fives with me!

The result of the consultations is always the same.

Me: It's been over ten years. Is there anyway to fix this?
Doctor: Er.. there isn't a cure for this condition.
Me: ...
Doctor: Stick to taking your meds daily and you'll be fine :)
Me: :(

One thing the doctors did tell me was: a very likely suspect in causing these daily allergic reactions is food. They gave me a list of common allergy triggers and suggested that I start a daily food log to find out which food group(s) were possibly contributing to my condition.

The Foodlogger will be used to keep track of my meals and allergic reactions (if any) daily. I would then be able to easily review the morsels of data collected, and identify any ingredients that trigger my condition.

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